Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Triple folding card with window

Hi everyone! I (Henrikke) have a new tutorial for you today! One of my best friends from school is getting married in august and I wanted to make a special card for her and her boyfriend. Espasilly since I don´t know her boyfriend at all and I wanted to have a chance to write them wedding wishes together and also a personal wish just for my friend. So this time I made a triple folding card with a window. Hope you wanna follow my tutorial. (Just wanted to say sorry for the low quality on the photos, I am a night scrapper so the photos are taken during night)! :) I really do recommend that you look through the whole tutorial before you start, so hopefully the pictures at the end will clear up something if anything is unclear!
Write me a message if you have any questions. 
Here is the card we are making and I have used one of the stamps from the Secret Fall Stamp Kit. This can be order in the webshop and will only be avilible for a short period of time. If you are wondering why you should preorder take a trip into Katharinas blog and see why it´s so important. 

       To make the card you need:
  • - 2 cardstock (same colour) 12"x12"
  • - Patteren paper
  • - Dies 
  • - Scoreboard 
  • - Flowers
  • - Stamps
  • - Crystals 

Start by cutting out three pieces of 6"x12". 

We need to fold two of your 6"x12" pieces. I always scor my card bases with a little "back" (about 1/5"). This is because I need that extra space to be able to build up my cards. Now when we are doing this folding card too it´s good because we have an extra fold. 

First take the two pieces and glue them together like shown on the photo. This will give you three basic folds to work with and your hold card is now 6"x18". 

Of your third piece with 6"x12" cutt it down to 6"x6". 

Cut your piece diagonally so you can place it on your third fold. 

Colour in you stamp. Find what ever die you would like to use as your window. Measure it on top of your stamp becuase you want the die to be smaller than the stamp so something is still hidden. 

On the first panel from the left side you have to cut out our window. Try to get in on the middle. This is my technique to get it in the middle. 

I just place a piece of ribbon on the die and measure it up with my cross on the paper. 

Use sticky tape to make sure it dosent move. 

This is how your card will look now. 

Make your panels and glue on your coloured stamp on to the third fold. 

Decorate your front page. 

This is how I did it inside. So in this way I could write a personal message to my friend in the little diagonal pocket. 

This is how my card ended up at the end. I filled it up with flower matching the colours of my stamp. 

When you open it up like this you get to see...... 

..... this! 

Look how cute they are!

When you open the second fold again you get into the actual card. here I will write a message to the married couple on the middle page and a peronal message to my friend on the right page. 

Here you see the card again! I hope you liked the tutorial. 


  1. Very nice card, and a great tutorial, thank you.
    Hugs Astrid

  2. Very beautiful, rich and elegant!
    I love the layout!
    Thank you!

  3. I love your card. Thank You for this great tutorial
    Liebe Grüße

  4. What a lovely tutorial - I have to try it some time :o)

  5. Hi Henrikke

    It's gorgeous
    Your friends are going to love this
    I would ;)
    Hugs Sonja

  6. Thankyou so much, this is fantastic, so easy to understand too, and your sample looks amazing, will be trying this. Joey x


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