Thursday, July 12, 2012

Decoupage with background stamps

Goodmorning! Ingrid here, to entertain you today with a little tutorial. Two weeks ago it was my mothers birthday and I wanted to make her something to decorate her home.
I made her a decoration she can hang for the window or to a cabinet. 
Here you can see the products that I used. As base I used styrofoam hearts.
I started with stamping the Essential Background textstyle stamps onto thin paper. I used Distress inkt walnut stain.
 Then I rip out my the stamped surface...
 ... and spread Decoupage glue on the back of the paper...
... and fold the paper around the styrofoam heart. Be carefull, the paper can easily rip now. Make sure the paper is as flat as you can fold it and don't make to many layers. It's better to rip a piece off than to make to many layers on one place.
Put a finishing layer of Decoupage glue on the hearts and let them dry.
 The only things that's left to do is decorate and string the hearts to a ribbon, I used a red satin ribbon from the Whiff of Joy webshop.
Used postmarks are a favorite embellishment for me :-)
My mother is also very creative and thought me to sew when I was young.

 A hand crochet flower and a vintage button for the last heart.
 A total picture.
Hope you like my tutorial for today. Wish you all a good day and a very happy holiday, if you are enjoying that now! Hope to see you here again and on my own blog.

Used materials:


  1. Fantastik gift!! I like your creativity with the styrofoam hearts!

  2. I like this hearts very much. THX for the tutorial !!!
    best regards

  3. Fabulous elegant creation:)
    Well done Ingrid!

  4. I loved this mobile Ingrid, as fancy in every detail.Really you are to be congratulated, this creation was wonderful!xx

  5. love it ! greatt !!

  6. Wonderful- I love the text background- and I love the lace and ribbon too! Wonderful tutorial!

  7. Fantastisch om te zien Ingrid (even lekker in het NL).
    Very beautifull!!!
    Wish my mother liked this kind of decoration...
    But I can also make it for myself of a girlfriend of course.

    (enne, fijne vakantie!)


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