Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quick and Easy Christmas Crackers, Tudorial

Hi Everyone!

It´s Christmas time and yes, you have count right there are just some more days left befor Christmasday will come.

So I (Bianca) tought you maybe need a quick and easy last minute tudorial. This Cristmas Crackers are not just perfect for Christmas. You can also use it for your New Years party ore as a quick gift wrap for a small present.

This is your shopping list:

* Stampkit #4/2014 ore any WoJ image 

*Some ribbon
*a toilett paper roll
* Scorepal and bonefolder

Now lets start. It´s very easy and you will need just about 5 minutes to finish one of this christmas crackers. Dont´forget to cut the cardstock into an 12" x 7" pice.

As the rolles have not exectly the same size I did not wrote any measurements. It will fit if you work just like as you see it on the photos.
Put the roll in the middle of your paper. and score two lines in a small distance from the roll as on the photo.

After you made the first scoreline make 3 more scorelines each in a distance of 1/2". So you will have 4 scorlines. Do the same at the other side of the roll.

Than turn the paper around and score all 7" in 1/2" distances at both sides of the paper. Leafe the middle part of the paper (were the roll was lieing on it first) free of any scorelines!

You will get a grid like this. Now we have to stick the roll on the paper. Use glue on the not scored part of the paper and....

... roll the toilettpaper roll into it.

This is what you will have now. 
The next part is a little bit tricky. It´s possible everything looks a little messy first but don´t give up as you will fix it a little later!

Grap around the paper on the position of your crosswise scorelines and push them tougether.

Now wrap the ribbon over the paper and pick it carefully until you are satisfied with it.

Now it´s time to decorate.
I have used images and sentimenst from my Stampkit #4/2014 and some die-lights with glitter on it.

Last but not least I want to invite you to enter the candy on my blog. You can win 4 Whiff of Joy Stamps. 

Merry Christmas to all of you!


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