Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coloring with Copics; Warm Grey, Cool Grey or Natural Grey?

Hi everyone! I, Henrikke, got a new tutorial for you today and I also made a card so you can see what we are making. I am completly new to copics, I just started three months ago, but since I love colouring in my Whiff of Joy images I already see which one I am going to use the most. I love colouring Henry in grey so today I have a little tutorial for you showing you how to colour him in (for beginners like my self) and which grey colour to chose. Here is the card that I made with my finish Henry. I  have used my favorite Henry-stamp so fare, "Henry with rocking horse"
So what we need to start with is your image, as I said mine is the new July Release Image Henry on rocking horse. I also have my copics and I have chosen to use three different grey this time: 
- Natural Grey: N0-N2-N4-N6
- Warm Grey: W1-W3-W5-W7
- Cool Grey: C1-C3-C5-C7
I also got my blender, but not to blend just to fix my mistakes. 
On this tutorial I am also using: 
- Brown: E49-E47-E44-E43
- Peach: E11-E01-E00-E000
- Hair on horse: E33-E35
First we got to do the rocking horse, but the reason I am showing you this here, is because it would be the same as if you wanted to colour your Henry in brown instead of grey. I start with E47. During the whole tutorial I will be using a flick technique (because I don´t really know any else!) 
Add E44 just a little bit over E47 and futher out. 
Add E43 just a little bit over E44 and futher out. 
Start over at the first step again, add E47. 
Add E44 just a little bit over E47 and futher out. 
Now we are adding the darkest one of them E49. Don´t go to fare in, you just want it do make a define shadow in the start. 
Add E47 again. 
Add E44 again. 
Go over with E43 all the way out to the edge. 
Finish the rest of your rocking horse. I also made the hair of the horse in E35 + E33. 
Now we are going to use the same technique to colour in Henry. For the main tutorial I have used the warm greys. Start with W7. I just do one area at the time, first his face and than the rest of his body. 
Go over again with W5. 
Go over with W3. 
Do the rest of his face in W1. This will not be the final layer on Henry so don´t worrie if the colour don´t blend. 
Now put away your W7 because it´s such a dark colour. Now we are jumping straight to W5 and going over the areas with W7 and W5. 
Go over with W3. 
And than finish it of with W1. As you can see the colours are bleding so much better on the second coat. But I like to do it at least three times on each area. 
So go back to your W5 and add it to his face. 
Add W3 again. 
And finish it of with W1. 
Do the rest of your Henry. 
Now let´s do his ears, nose and tail in E11-E01-E00-E000. 
Start with E11. 
Go over with E01. 
Than E00+E000. 
All done. 
This is Henry in COOL GREYS
Here you can see them all next do each other. 
On my card I have used Henry with Warm Greys because my patteren paper has warm grey in it. So match up your papers with your Henrys to see which one is the right one to use. I hope you have learned something, and maybe the people who has just started with copics like me want to do more?? Hope so! Enjoy your day! :) 


  1. What an excellent tutorial - I use promarkers but this will also work for me - you r very talented especially as you are new to copics, thanks for sharing and I look forward to more tutorials, hugs xx cara xx

  2. Thank you for wonderful tutorial. I learned a lot.

  3. OMG this card is just perfect! I am just sad not having the Copic markers :( Great tutorial though. Hugs! Mojca

  4. Very nice! I'm new to copics too, and always surprised at how well copics blend . Thanks for sharing your wonderful tutorial.


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