Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Folding Card

Hi everyone! Today I (Henrikke) am going to show you how to make an easy folder card to get away some left over papers. Normally when I buy papers I buy the whole collection. The designers has made the collection because the papers fit togther, and this makes it so easy to mix and match. That´s way I keep all my left overs. So today I´ll show you a card that is great for these papers. The only thing you need is a 12x12" cardstock and what ever papers/stamps you want to put on. 

Folding Card
Supply list:
- 12x12" cardstock
- Double sided teip
- Scoreboard 
- Cutting knife/
Cutting Board
- Ribbon
- Left over paper

Cut the paper at 6x12". 

Take your two pieces and make sure that they are the same size. 

Use a scoring board. 

First, score at 3", turn the paper and than score at 6". 

Take the other paper and do the same. 

Line them up like the photo shows you. We are going to glue the two pieces together. 

Put glue/double sided tape on the area that has no scorelines and is 6x6". 

When you glue them together you can fold them and if you measured this up right, they should fit perfectley together. If they don´t you can always cover it up with some papers. 

Now this is the time for the left overs. Because you have so many small areas (3x6", 6x6"), you can really use all the little papers you have left. Here you can see how I started to cover up my pages. 

Now, you need one big piece (almost 4,5x4,5" or 5x5"). This one needs to go on you card, but you can only glue it to one of your flips. Othervise you won´t be able to open it up. 

We also need some ribbon so we can close the card. Again, the ribbon is only been glues on to one little piece and just on one of the flips. Don´t glue it on the backside or anything. 

Here you can see how little teip the ribbon needs. 

Than we are gluing on our second piece. Again, we can only put teip on half of it, because we want to be able to open our card. 

Now it´s the fun part. Find your embellishments, stamp, flowers, doilys and other stuff. But remember,  don´t glue anything so the card will be stock together. You want to be able to open it! 

Here is the card finished and here you get to see the actual colours. Because the card was done by nighttime the other photos has really misleadning colours, sorry about that. 

Here is how the card will look when you open it. 


  1. Ohhhh wow its lovely this card, thanks for the tutorial.
    Hugs Astrid

  2. Lovely card. Thanks for this tutorial. I have to try it.

  3. Wow this is great. Lovely tutorial, great colours. GORGEOUS, hugs, Ankie

  4. This card is really lovely. Thank You for this tutorial
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Flott tutorial og for eit flott kort :) Takk ♥

  6. Good idea, and thanks for such easy tutorial! Your card is very beautiful and the stamp is cute!!!

  7. Your tutorial is fab Henrikke! Love your cards :-)
    Hugs Ing


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