Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tussie Mussie - by Jane Johnson

Good Morning!  Jane here, and as today is the day we're all previewing one of the gorgeous images from the up coming summer stamp kit I thought I'd show you how to create a Tussie Mussie seeing as the image is Victorian themed! 

You will need:

12x12 cardstock in your chosen colour
Two pieces of 6x12 tissue paper
edging punch (optional)


 Using some twine tied around a pencil draw an arc onto the cardstock from one edge to the other, whilst holding the end of the twine in the bottom left corner of the cardstock.  You can vary the size of your Tussie Mussie by starting further up or down the edge of the cardstock.  I started about 2" down from the top left corner for mine.

 Cut along the arc you've drawn to create the shape shown in the above photo.

 If you wish you can punch the curved edge of the cardstock.  I used a corner punch to create the edging on mine.  Next, place double sided tape along the curved edge, underneath the punching as shown.

Fold one of the pieces of tissue paper in half to create a double thickness 3"x12".  Attach the folded edge to the double sided tape, pleating the tissue paper as you go, as shown in the photo above.  This piece will cover approximately half of the curve.  Repeat the process with the second piece of tissue paper to the end of the curved edge.  Add double sided tape to one of the straight edges and roll the cardstock into a cone, securing with the tape.  To ensure the point end is nice and neat start rolling at this end and create a nice point before sticking the rest of the edge down.

 Add a length of ribbon to form a handle and add bows of matching ribbon at each side where the ribbon is attached to the cone.  I used a glue gun to adhere my ribbon but you could also use double sided tape.  Now you can add more ribbon, lace, ruffle trim and flowers to decorate your Tussie Mussie and your chosen image to the front of the cone.
Here is my finished Tussie Mussie using the gorgeous preview image from the summer kit.  The sentiment will also be part of the kit.  I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and have a go at creating one yourself!

Jane x


  1. wow, great idea! it looks so complicated but it is so easy to make!
    hugs from poland!

  2. Beautiful and thank you so much for this tutorial!

    Hugs Thea

  3. Wonderful and thank you for the tutorial



  4. Just wonderful and original!


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