Thursday, July 7, 2011

Distress Inks ~ Twinkling H20s: A Substitution Guide

Hi there! This is Jeanette from Canada and today I wanted to share a little chart that I made that gives  a quick substitution guide comparing Distress Inks to Twinkling H20s.
I often use my H20s over copic coloring but I also use them as the only coloring medium; and I love the soft look and subtle shimmer. They add more depth to your coloration and that little something extra special to your project.
I need to add a small disclaimer :) I don’t have all full range of Distress Inks and so that is why some are missing. I also do not have all the Twinkling H20s (but I do have most). So, the comparisons were made with what I actually own.
As you will see mentioned in my chart, these are not always exact substitutions but are fairly close. I find that the Distress Inks are more vintage in tone; a little grayer whereas the H20s are more pure in color and of course; they twinkle.
Whiff of Joy has an amazing collection of Twinkling H20s as well as the wonderful water tank brushes that I use. You will find them all by clicking on the icons below:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find this little guide helpful!
Hugs Jeanette


  1. Hi Jeanette

    I mailed you for A big ThanK YoU
    And of course Katrina many thanks for passing it forward;)

    I will go and see what I have and order bit by bit

    Have a wonderful day!

    hugs sonja

  2. Hi I am just getting started on twinkling h2os. I only have a few but I love them and will be ordering more. I was wondering if you could suggest what colors work good for skin tones? Thank you so much for sharring:)


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