Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tutorial Thursday

Hello Maria Therese here today and I have a very easy tutorial for you today that will be nice for your Christmas projects..

I want to show you how to make beautiful shabby snow for your Christmas/Winter projects

This is what you need:

Some white paint 
Plastic Foil 
and what ever you want to make snowy effects on..

You will crunch the plastic foil in a little ball , dip it in the paint with a easy hand so you don't get too much at your plastic foil at a time , better to go back and dab on more than to end up with a solid white where you place the paint..

Here I have started to dab it along the edge of my paper bag , 
be sure to have something under the bag so you don't ruin your table..

My bag after it's done. Don't be in a hurry make sure it's all dry before you start playing and adding your stuff on.. 

And this is how it turned out after I decorated:

Hope you got a nice idea on some snowy projects for the winter..
And I would love if you came over to my blog and popped me a link if you have created anything with this tutorial so I can come visit your blog ♥

Big hugs from Maria Therese 

Whiff of Joy products used:
2014  (stamp set)


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