Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sweet and Simple Cardsets

DSC_7007 copy_thumb[1]
I am trying to build up a collection of cute little sets of cards that can be mailed off quickly and without a huge postage cost. Minimize the bulk and you will be able to send these at a reasonable price ;)
  1. Start with  a few different colors of cardstock and matching ink pads.
  2. Cut the colored cardstock to measure 4’ x 5.25”.
  3. Cut card bases from regular white cardstock to measure 4.25’ x 5.5”. Fold in half and round  upper right-hand corner.
  4. Using a background stamp, stamp each piece of colored cardstock with the coordinating ink. Round upper right corner.
  5. Pick a focal image stamp. I used the gorgeous WoJ  Feather stamp set for my cards. Emboss using white embossing powder.
  6. Cut vellum strips to measure 2” x 4”. Sew onto your colored cardstock with white thread. I used a zig zag stitch.
  7. Adhere to the car dbases. Add assorted bling and stamp your sentiment with black ink. I used various sentiments from Whiff of Joy.
  8. Set aside to dry so that the ink sets and will not smear on the vellum
That’s it. By doing this in assembly line steps, you will have a whack of cards in no time flat!
DSC_7000 copy_thumb[7]DSC_7003 copy_thumb[3]
DSC_7004 copy_thumb[1]DSC_7006 copy_thumb[2]
DSC_7005 copy_thumb
Hope this has inspired you to make your own set of cards :)
Hugs Jeanette xxo

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