Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tutorial Thursday - Making coffee tags

Hello everyone, having a fabulous summer??

Maria Therese here today to take you through a easy tutorial on how you can make those
 awesome brown coffee tags... 

At first I'll start off by showing you a decorated one, I'll go through the tutorial by explaining every picture and I have a few more tags decorated at the end..

I've decorated the tag with 

At first I start off by cutting up some tags I used the Large Nested Tag Die-lights and I used the two largest but it really depends on what your using them for what size you want to use. 

I used white Bazzill cardstock for my tags.

I used a spray can of water and some cheap instant coffee no need to waist the good one..

I sprayed the tags with water and sprinkled the coffee over and did this a few times until I felt the were covered enough..
I did the same on the other side , sprayed and sprinkled quite a few times..

and when they looked like this I even swirled them around on the matt to get them more greasy..

Over night I put them to dry...

And in the morning I had them looking like this...

Now there is another way to do it also..
But I feared the bazzill couldn't handle it but If you have a cardstock that is kind of coated you can fill a tray with water drop in half a jar off instant coffee and swirl around  until the coffee is dissolved in the water , out the tags in the tray, sprinkle a bit more coffee over and let it sit overnight and then let to dry..

Hope you want to try this and please if you do pop on over to my blog and link me to your coffee tags I would love to see them!

So here as promised a few more decorated ones..

On these I used the same as linked to above and also

Have an awesome summer and please come visit my blog ♥

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