Thursday, March 13, 2014

Altering a charm

Good morning everyone, Maria Therese back with a walk through tutorial on how to change the colours on your charms.

You need Charm's of course..

 And a spray that will adhere to metal , I use this silky matte one and I've also used it to spray on tin cans and even jam jar's so It will hold even with use..

Use a room with good ventilation and spray, I usually let it dry over night but drying time often is written on the spray box

 Turn around..Because unless you will glue the charm to the project your using it on you will want both sides to have the same colour.

 I use only one coat on each side but if your spraying cans or jars you will probably want two coats..

And here you have a tag with my finishes altered charms..

Hope you got a idea for more use of your charms and maybe with these it's easier to incorporate the charms to your projects. Good luck !
Big Hugs Maria Therese

Whiff of Joy product used:


  1. Great idea! Love this and must try it directly.
    xoxo Clarissa

  2. Nice to know, what to use for it. I knew it could be done, but didn´t knew, what to actually use that would keep up and not just get of right away again.

  3. Thanks for that great idea, looks fantastic


  4. Love this and have to give it a try - I love white charm!



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