Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Using Hessian...

Morning all...

Vicky here today...and I thought I share with you some crafty storage ideas using Hessian..

And here are the items you will need..

Clean tin can

and here is how I made them..

1} Cut a piece of Hessian 4" x 25" and fray the edges as shown.
2} Wrap the hessian around the tin and glue into place.
3} Wrap the Lace and twine around the tin and make a bow.
4} Glue flower into place.

and here is how I made the flower..

1} Die-cut the flower as shown.
2 } Then place on top of each other and take a piece of cheesecloth and fix with a brad or button..

Here is how I made the pouch..

1} Again cut a piece of hessian 4"x 25" and fray the edges.
2} Fold over leaving a 2" at the top and sew down the sides using the twine.
3} Decorate using the lace and twine as shown above..then fix flower into place..

and your items should look like this..

Hope you enjoyed my little ideas using hessian..and it's also great storage for your pencils and other crafty items too....

Thank you so much for stopping by...and have a lovely day too..

big hugs Vicky xx


  1. Really adorable tutorial. hugs! Mojca

  2. Hi Vicky,

    Like your idea with the hessian and
    this gorgeous flower
    looks lovely !
    Sonja x

  3. Eine klasse Idee
    und lieben Dank für die tolle

    Liebe Grüsse Irene CH

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