Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stacy's Stamping Space

Good morning! Today you are going to see my, Stacy's little stamping space. My stamping space is in the spare room in our house which I share with a few bookcases, Ranger's bed or one of his many beds among a few other things. My husband and father in law built me a desk, shelves and cubbies to hold all my goodies.

If you are coming directly into the room this is what you see first thing. yes, there is two computers on the right as can see as I share space with our office computer.  :0)  The laptop is for bloggin and playing around on the internet. Rather nice to have the two monitors at times I do have to say. yes my desk is messy and I didn't clean it up much so you could see how it really looks. My Silhouette machine is to the right by the laptop along with my drawer cabinet that holds brads, buttons and little things. In the drawers you see by the chair is where my solid colored paper is stored. I have divided the colors from lights and darks between the drawers, this is a great system for me that works. My Copic markers are to the left of the calendar that are housed in a turned sideways pencil holder from staples. This has been the easiest way for me to hold them and easy access.
The top two shelves hold a lot of my crafting stuff within arms length. The top shelf from left to right is creations that friends have sent me, bottle of primas, three bins that hold spooled ribbon and loose ribbon, storage boxes for stamps and then alterable items. I keep a lot of things to alter for gifts and just for fun. The bottom shelf from left to right is my cuttlebug folders, copic refills, rhinestones and misc tuff, envlopes and designer papers.
Now this is where I store all my stamps. 9 feet tall with two sides, each cubby holds a bin that stores stamps by company. Too many stamps? I would have to agree as I am working on going through and giving large amounts away to loving homes.  ;0)   Don't tell hubby I said any of that. hee hee  Well that is my little stamping space that I cherish. Hope you enjoyed sharing in my little space today. Have a great day.


  1. :)I like to probe a stranger workplace. so cleanly. :) on my place usually disorder.

  2. Wow Stacy, you just have your own stamping heaven there!!! Sadly I don't have any own space in our apartment, so I always have to use the dining table for stamping and my stamps are all in a box under the bed together with papers and so. I so would love to have such a space for myself where I not have to move current projects.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. I know, how you feel about having your own space. I also jsut got my own and even very big room, that hubby build for me in the outhouse about 1½ year ago, and I almost live in there now, and it´s my best place in the entire house. It´s sooo unbelievable to explain how awesome it is, after you´ve had to move things around all the time in the house to find a space, where you can sit with your work, and now I can just leave everything and go back, when I´m ready and continue, where I left. That is amazing, and your space here is so cosy and looks really awesome. TFS it here with us. It was such a pleasure to see your space here.

  4. FAb room and so organised, hugs, Marion

  5. Love the peek into your creative-space! I too use the spare room (which is shared with my Grandbaby Olivia when I babysit on Tues. & Thurs.!) and yours makes me think that I need to get more organized LOL. TFS!

  6. I love your space, it is so much more organized than mine! I think maybe I have too much stuff. I have been giving some things away to my sister's granddaughter who is just starting to stamp. It is fun to share my stuff plus I have more room to stamp(and add more stuff).


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