Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Morning all....

Vicky here today...and it's my turn to show you my creative space...so grab a cuppa and welcome to my little den..

So this is where it all happens...:o)

As you can see I have lots storage cupboards and boxes...and I can tell you now they are all full...lol...
All my stamps are stored in draws..and my papers are in kept in clear bags to keep them all together and hopefully tidy too....
The white box is my light box where all my pictures are taken...and OMW it's so bright..and I'm so pleased with it..:o)

And my other new toy is my Ebosser...and I LOVE it..! It takes seconds now to cut lots of dies which saves so much time too....
I also store my WOJ dies in plastic storage cases with magnetic sheets....and I laminate all the packaging and use a book ring to keep them all together for quick reference guide too..
And you can see my from the above picture I'm working on my next project....Mmmmm wonder what's that's going to be...lol..

This is where all my essentials are...glue....double sided tape...stamp blocks..

and a final look...

So I hope you like you little tour round my den...and got some ideas how to store your crafty stash too..

So thanks for stopping by...and have a lovely day too...

big hugs Vicky xx


  1. Such a nice and neat place here. It really makes you want to sit down and reate, and that´s the best thing about any creative space, cause no matter how big or small it is or how fancy it can be, then it doesn´t matter, if it don´t give you that welcomming feeling, and this sure do right away, and that´s the most important to any craftspace. I would love to sit down and play in your room here, that´s for sure. it´s awesome. Thanks so much for letting us in to see it. It´s been a huge pleasure.

  2. I'm so jealoux - I have to use the dining room table. I really want a craft-room of my own.

  3. Beautiful craft room Vicky! I wish I would have so much room :))) hugs! Mojca

  4. What a fab working space, thanx for sharing hun, hugs, Marion

  5. Wow that looks really great I can imagine you have a lot of crafting fun in here.
    Hugs Cindy

  6. I have my own craft room, but I can't remember when it was that tidy. I do have the eBosser and I too love it. Your crafty space is beautiful and the storage you have, I envy. Oh, and did I say WOW.

  7. I love your room - but I habe one question. Where are the cubnets are - in which you store your paper - I think - it was the paper storage.
    Thanks - hugs

  8. Holy cow now this is a studio! Great space, can I come visit? ;0)


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