Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Princess Party Hat...

Hi Lori here with a tutorial on how to make a Princess hat for those special little girls in our lives. They make great birthday party hats too. Okay let's get started. You will need a piece of 12x12 designer paper or cardstock, a pencil, some string, tape, glue, some ribbon and embellishments.

Turn your designer paper over. Tie a piece of string around a pencil and tape the other end to the table. Make sure it is just tight enough to reach to the top corner of your paper.

Holding it tight continue to draw a quarter circle as shown.

Cut along the line. Now take a variety of ribbon and tie them together then tape them inside the top point of the 1/4 circle approx an inch in a half in. Use can also use fabric.

Roll the paper into a cone shape and either tape of staple at the base.

Run a bead of glue along the inner edge and glue the remainder closed.

Using an eyelet tool punch a hole in either side of the cone at the base about 1/2 an inch up. Add an eyelet to both.

You can attach elastic through the two holes. I didn't have any one hand so opted for a ribbon on each side that will tie under the chin.

Cover the base with some decorative ribbon or lace.

Last step is to decorate your princess hat. I used Princess Rosebud from Whiff of Joy, a butterfly, some flowers and gems. We love to hear your comments and don't forget to check out the WOJ Gallery for lots of inspiration from our wonderful Design Team!


  1. Beautiful! I 'll use this idea for a baby party.

  2. A thrilling, beautiful. A greeting.

  3. Thanks for sharing - wonderful tutorial!

  4. How adorable!!!! thank you for sharing this idea with us...

  5. O my goodness
    This is absolutely amazing!!
    Love your creativity ;)

    Sonja xx

  6. You're brilliant Lori! Great job hun. And your girls is a perfect model ;-)
    Hugs Ing

  7. Genial idea, gracias por compartirla.

  8. beautyful idea!!!!! very very nice!!!!!the paper you was used is beautyful!! and a princess is perfect!!!! kiss


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