Friday, March 23, 2012

surprise egg box

Hello everyone!
It's Kathrin here with my very first tutorial over here as a full DT member. 

As easter is just around the corner I thought I'd share a tutorial for how to turn a simple surprise egg into a cute little gift just by adding a nice wrapping.
As I know those surprise eggs aren't available everywhere but you can adjust this tutorial easily. I will let you know how at the right step. Till then just follow the instructions step by step.

You need:
designer's paper
round spellbinders or punch (or just scissors)
doublesided tape
bone folder
and of course a stamped image

I went with "An Apple For You" here but adjusted it a bit to make it suit for easter. For that I just removed the ink from the apple before stamping the image and drew an easter egg at its place afterwards.

Cut a square piece of cardstock measuring 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" (11,5 x 11,5 cm) and score
each side at 1" (2,5 cm).
Make a cut at the scored lines on two opposite sides of the square until you reach the crossing
scoring line.

 Then cut out a hole of ca. 1 5/8" (4 cm) out of the center. I used some round Nestabilities here but you can use whatever you have.
 If you are using a different egg than a Kinder surprise egg you might want to try if the egg you are using is fitting into the hole. I had some plastic eggs here as well and those needed a bigger hole.

Next cut a strip of cardstock measuring 2 1/2" (6,5 cm) in width, using the full length of your sheet of cardstock. 
Now you need to find the middle of the strip, mark it with a line and score it 1 1/4" (3,25 cm) to both sides of the line. Punch/cut a 1 1/4" (3,2 cm) circle out of the middle of the paper strip. This is where the top of your egg will go through so you might want to try the size of the hole again. If the egg fits in just about 1/4" (0,7 cm) it is fine, it's just to hold the egg so it can't fall out.

 Cover both, the square and the strip of cardstock with some patterned paper. It´s enough to cover only two opposite sides of the box since the other ones will be covered from the cardstock strip.

Then  put together the bottom part from the square piece of cardstock as you would put together any kind of box.

If you want to you can now decorate your cardstock strip. Make sure to measure before how long it will be at the end so you don't have to cut off any decoration. You can also do the decorating once the holder is put together, I personally prefer working on a lying piece of cardstock.

Add some tacky tape to the sides of the bottom part that are not covered with designer's paper.
 Now place the egg on its place and put the cardstock strip over it. Remove the backing of the tacky tape from one side of the bottom and fix the strip. Since the strip was cut the full length of the cardstock sheet it will fit any egg size. All you need to do now is to cut off the excess part of cardstock. 
Repeat this with the other side. I personally prefer to not glue on the other side of the carstock strip so the egg can be taken out without tearing the box/holder. Instead I use some string that I wrap around the bottom after decorating.

And this is what the result can look like:


  1. Clever beautiful idea! So sweet to share it!Thanks!

  2. What a great idea, thanks fot the tutorial.

    XX Inge

  3. Just love it !! What a fab idea !!

    hugs Diane xx

  4. wow - it's so good idea.thanks for the inspiration and tuto

  5. i love this tuto!! Great idea!!

    Me ha encantado el resultado, y muy bien explicado el tutorial, gracias, me guardo la idea para hacerla, besitos

  6. I so love this going to make these little boxes thks for taking the time love them...

  7. I so love this going to make these little boxes thks for taking the time love them...

  8. Stunning, I really like this tutorial ! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marion

  9. Hi Kathrin,

    This Easterbox is just gorgeous!
    Love that you put an egg in her hand
    Great idea;)
    TFS Sonja x

  10. Wow it's so cut. That a great idea.

  11. Oh I love this....thank you so much for the tutorial.....will have to make some of these.....tfs


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