Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Pennant

Hi everyone,
Karina here today with a creative idea for you... it is my first tutorial I post here as a new DT member, so I hope it will be something to inspire you. As it is Easter just around the corner I go with an Easter decoration; an Easter Pennant.

What you need:
  • a pair of old jeans
  • cardstock
  • sewing machine
  • twine
  • Whiff of Joy Pennant die cut
  • decorations
First cut out a piece of cardstock or kraft as a pattern. I made it 5,5 inch (14 cm) x 6,5 inch (16,5 cm) x 6,5 inch (16,5 cm). Then put it on one leg of your old jeans.

I used the seam as decoration for the upper part of the pennants. Cut out five pieces of those. Give it some more space on the top for the seam.

Take some twine in the length of 40 inch (100 cm), sew each of those five pennants around the twine that you have a line of five pennants at the end. I also made a zig zag stitching around each pennant. I haven't a photo of this, but when you see the pic of the finished project you will know what is meant.

Then stamp and colour three images and die cut it in a shape you like. I used three different ones, glued them on another shape and sew around.

On the first and last pennants I used the Whiff of Joy Pennant Die Cut to create two small pennants each and sewed them onto those parts.

Then glue the images to the three central pennants and decorate each pennant with flowers, feathers and more as you wish. 

Bond two loops on both ends and you're finished. Your pennant is ready to put on your wall or door, just where you want to have it.

My description of making this decoration may not be the best. But I guess while following the images you see how it works. If you have any questions about it just feel free to ask.

Have fun and hugs,


  1. Wonderful banner Karina
    Love this idea and the stamps are just gorgeous ^_^"

    Hugs Sonja

  2. This is a great tutorial Karina! And the result is fab. Great job hun ;-)
    Hugs Ing

  3. What a great idea Karina! Love it!

    No problem here to follow your tutorial.

    Hugs Yolanda

  4. Now to just have an old pair of denims! When I was (much!) younger, my mother used to make string bikinis out of former dungarees/jeans. She got her supply of old jeans from prisons, believe it or not. She made the bikinis in bulk and exported them, mostly to Italy from the U.S. Thinking of this brings back many memories, mostly fond but some not-so-much -- like spending hours of my free time stringing them. Laughably, the top bra pieces were not much bigger than your pennant cuts, LOL, and made much the same with the seam edge. Come to think of it, the bottom pieces were not much larger either, alas! Oh Mom!!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  5. This looks lovely ! hugs, Marion


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