Friday, June 25, 2010

Easel giftbox

Hi ladies,

Today I want to show you how you make this great easelcard giftbox!!
Ok.. first you start with;

The boxes/drawers are; 10,9 cm x 10,9 cm that will be 4 4/16 inch x 4 4/16 inch (the pink papers)
The white papers are to cover the drawers and they will be; 20,3 cm x 7 cm, that will be 8 inches long and 2 2/16 inch wide.

Then you gonna score the pink papers (those will be the drawers)

You can see on the Martha Stewart scoring board where to score but to mention it, it will be at 2,22 cm that will be 7/8 inch at every side!! Score all 4 pink papers at this way.

Then we gonna fold and cut the pink papers like this;

Put some tape at the corners and close the drawer.

They will look like this;

Then we gonna take the white papers (cardstock) and gonna fold it like this;

so at; 2,22 cm + 9,2 cm + 11,43 cm + 18,4 cm.. that will be in inches; 14/16 inch + 3 10/16 inch + 4 8/16 inch + 7 4/16 inch..

Fold it like this and put some tape on the edge;

Put the drawers in it and it will look like this;

Then glue the cover for the drawers on to your cardstock that will be 14,5 x 14,5 in inches; 5.71 x 5.71;

now you gonna make the easelcard for on top of the drawers;

The easel card will be 29 cm long and 14,1 wide.. that will be 11,5 inch long and 5 12/16 inch wide. Score at; 7,3 cm en 14,6 cm in inches score at 2 14/16 and 5 12/16.. you can also see on the scoring board where to score!

Fold the easelcard and put it on top of the drawers;

Time to decorate..I used brads for the drawers so you can pull them out.

Then you can decorate the card how you want to.. the drawers are great to put some gifts in it.. This is the end result..
Front closed



Its a long tutorial but I wanted to make photo's of every step so you can make it very easy!
I really hope you like it and love to read your comments!!
Big hugs xx Marley


  1. WOW ..das gefällt mir supergut.Werde es bestimm mal nachwerkeln.

    Danke für die tolle Anleitung.

    Liebe Grüße Moni

  2. ook hier is ie leuk Marley,
    gr Linda

  3. I have always wanted to make one of these and appreciate your brilliant tutorial Marley.
    Thank you.
    Nicola -x-

  4. What a great tutorial,you make it so easy to make.

    Grtzz Marjon

  5. wou Marleu wat een schoonheid met die laadjes onderin, wel veel werk maar het resultaat is grandioos!!!!!!heb een fijn weekend
    liefs Anneke

  6. This is lovely, Marley. Gorgeous colours
    Suzanne x

  7. Śliczności!!! Dziękuję za kursik, bardzo się przyda ;))) Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  8. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial. I'm thinking of making these for chritmas. Kathleen x

  9. Hoi Marley,

    je handleiding is heel mooi gemaakt, wat een leuk idee om een easelkaart met deze doosjes te combineren.

    Leuk gedaan!

    Vele groetjes,

    Lins x

  10. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for also including the measurements in inches :) I am definitely going to try this!

    Love and hugs ~

  11. super tuto il y a longtemps que je cherchais comment faire une boite a tiroir merci
    biz claudine

  12. This is a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for such detailed info!

  13. That's very great, lovely box !
    Great tutorial !
    Françoise (Belgium)

  14. I have been wanting to make one of these.. thank you for the tutorial. I like your colour combinations.


  15. Hey Marley, wat verrassend om je hier tegen te komen! Wat een leuk idee om een easelkaart te combineren met een "ladenkastje"!
    Ik ga dat zeker een keertje proberen, zucht de lijst met om te proberen wordt steeds langer...
    Bedankt voor de uitleg, ook met cm! SUPER!

    Liefs Yolanda

  16. I love what you do and how you do it!

  17. this is just WOW, WOW and triple WOW, love it, so fancy x

  18. leuk gedaan marley
    ik heb n scorpal in bestelling
    die moet ik gewoon hebben


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