Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pocket cards by Aija

Hi, today I made some simple pocket cards. There is so many ways how you can add pockets on your projects and here is one of them.

On the pink card I used this fairy image illustrated by Allison. I adde a small pocket on the left up corner.

And here you can see the hidden text tag you can pull out form the pocket.

Then I made a blue bigger pocket with the organza ribbon. First I tied one ribbon around and then added another piece of ribbon and knotted it.

Here is the "shopping Willow" pulled out from the pocket.

On the back side of the Willow there is another pocket for a gift card. I think that shopping Willow is a perfect decoration for the gift card.

Nowdays those gift cards are often electronic and sized like a credit.

Here is the picture of the different size cirkle punches I have used to do the pockets.

I wish you all a great Sunday!
Hugs Aija


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