Thursday, April 8, 2010

Accordion Card by Inge Groot

Goodmorning Ladies, today it's my turn again to show you a step by step tutorial. I've chosen to make an accordion card. So grap a cup of coffee/tea and let's begin...

Take a piece of cardstock 6 x 12 and score at 6

Take another piece of cardstock 4 x 12 and score at 4 and 8


Choose some nice patterned paper and decorate the card (largest piece of cardstock)

Glue the smaller piece of cardstock onto the card as shown on the pic.

Take your crop a dile and pierce two holes besides the smal card left and right (as shown on pic above)

Choose some matching ribbon and pull it through the holes, the back side of your card will look like the pic show above

Front of the card, now you can start decorating as you like!

Card complete and ready to be send

Detail Front
Detail open
Stamps: Whiff Of Joy Musing Melinda and Melinda reading book
Paper: Card Art Card Kit March 2010
Accessories: Card Art Card March Kit 2010
Color Medium: Prisma Color pencils
Hope you have enjoyed my tutorial, now let's start and make your own accordion card. Can't wait to see your creations:-D
Have fun!


  1. waauw beautifull
    thanks for sharing this


  2. Wow, this is sweet; thanks for sharing !

  3. Super mooi weer Inge!!! Moest even kijken waarom je dat lintje over dat mooi ingekleurde stempeltje had gedaan hoor :).


  4. Woooww Inge!!This is just fantastic!! Wonderful tutorial to follow and a lovely card:))I have made cards with an opening on the cover, but not like an accordian! Great idea!
    Hugs, Camilla.

  5. aww so beautiful, thank you for showing us your lovely tutorial! i love the idea
    love emma xxx

  6. Good to know....
    Great, it's beautiful !
    Françoise (Belgium)

  7. Wow this is beautiful thanks Inge

  8. Een schitterende tutorial!! ga 'm zeker 'n keer maken! Thanks.

  9. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Lovely card, think I might just have chosen to tie the bow at the LHS as it wouldn't obscure the image that way, but am loving the fold. xx

  11. Another one great and clever idea. Kiss for you.

  12. 天下沒有走不通的路,沒有克服不了的困難,沒有打不敗的敵人。........................................

  13. What a great idea!
    I loved doing this one :)
    The card can be found here:

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