Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gem flourishes

Hello everyone.  It's a very quick post from me today as I have had so much to get done before heading off to the NEC, and to be honest I am clean out of ideas right now.  So today I am going to share how I use the Bazzill Bling templates to make flourishes and swirls on my cards.
I have used Melinda Helping Angel from Whiff of Joy – it’s ages since I used her and must say that she is my all time favourite WOJ stamp.  I just love Melinda, she has the sweetest face I think.
This is so quick and easy to do.  I make up the card and attach the image so I can decide where I am going to place the swirl on the card in the available space.  Then take your preferred Bazzill template (there are quite a few different types, I have used the flourishes one) and decide where you want the flourish to be.  I tend to only use parts of the flourish and rotate and flip the template till I get a design I am happy with, marking with a pencil where I want to place the gems through the pre-punched holes in the template.
Then just pop the gems over the pencil marks.  I like to use different sizes and shades of the same colour if possible.  And there you have it, a really cheap flourish with no wastage at all.
Thanks for stopping by

Bev x


  1. This is wonderful - no waste and not much money sounds like wonderful bling to me!! So clever. I have not seen the templates - where do you find them?

  2. Thank you! Beautiful tutorial!

  3. Bev - I could kiss you!
    I haven't seen the templates either - but I could certainly make my own. I have been looking all over to find these pretty pearl and rhinestone flourishes without luck - but have my own stash of singles ones I now know how to use to make them - thanks to YOU!
    Hugs, Candy

  4. What a genius idea! Thanks so much for sharing your idea. I love this blog!

  5. What a fab idea. Never seen the templates before. Thanks for sharing. Kathleen x

  6. That is a pretty card and although i didn't read through the whole post it has taught me that not all flourishes come as a complete sticker and i can create something similar. Have fun at the NEC, wish i was going.

  7. Thanks Bev, great tutorial, gonn go an buy me a template now lol, have seen them but not bothered before!
    Sue x

  8. What a fab idea Bev!!! Thanks for sharing:-D

    Inge xOx

  9. Fabulous card - love the idea of the templates but have never seen these before - I've tried searching for them but not had much joy - can you please let us know where to get them.
    Hope you enjoy the NEC - I went yesterday and had a fabulous day

  10. Ohhh Bev, this is such a wonderful tutorial. I was first wondering where I could buy this lovely swirls. ;-))

    BIG hugs and have a nice Sunday!

  11. hi bev thanks for that, hope you dont spend to much money on crafting goodies. hope you will have time to ansere my email next week some time love bluebell x.

  12. So nice of you to share that idea. I bought that template year ago and now I know what to do with it.
    Have a nice day

  13. Bev - such a brilliant idea, and so much better than using those ready made bling embellishments.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. This is very helpful Bev! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial hun!
    Hugs~ Kim

  15. SO beautiful Bev...I hope you are able to sell these creations for a bazillion dollars to redeem you money for the endless amounts of work you put into each and every one of your cards! This is over the top gorgeous!!!!

  16. What a super idea. I have several templates but hadn't thought of using them like this - so much easier to get a good swirl with these. Have just got them out and inspired to make a card!

  17. I got some of these templates at the Leigh show and have used them but had problems with some of the larger stones as I was trying to fit the stones through the template, thanks for resolving my problem
    Love the card by the way


  18. wonderful idea and great tutorial

  19. wow!! this is great, I have never seen these things before. Why don't you tell us where we can get them :)

  20. Love it, Bev! Thanks for the tut! I didn't know there were templates to do this.
    Huggies ~
    Sharron ♥

  21. Thanks for this Bev - I've been admiring your pearly swirls & wondered what the Bazzill templates looked like.

  22. Wow! really a good idea. Thanks for sharing! :)

  23. Wow! Super! I like it. Beautiful, thanks. very clever tutorial.


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