Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tripple embossing tile affect

Good morning girls ,
its Dawn (All pink girl) here again today and its my turn to show you one of my easy little tutorial
to day i will be showing you how to create a porcelain tile affect for your cards by using triple embossing ,
this affect gives a beautiful glass like affect to any image ,
For this project you will need
1)a coloured image (i have used one of the new birdie love stamps)
2)Heat gun
3)versa mark ink pad
4)ultra think embossing powder
5) pricking tool or tweezers

The next stage is to cut out and colour your image and make sure it is totally dry ,

Then taking your Versa mark ink pad cover your image totally with your ink making sure to give an even coverage

then quickly sprinkle on your embossing powder and gently tip off the excess

Then using your heat gun slowly heat the embossing powder ,you will need your tweezers or pricking tool at this point as the embossing powder will get VERY HOT so please be careful .
now the first layer will look dimpled but do not worry this is normal,
so repeat the ink and sprinkling embossing powder step twice more and this then will start to build up a beautiful glass like affect

and this is what your finished affect will look like ,
if you image starts to curl as it cools gently pop it under a heavy book and this will help to flatten it out

I do hope you like my little tutorial today and you will all have a go at trying to create this affect
thanks for your time


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, still working my way up to embossing.

  2. This card is so beautiful! I love the tutorial, but do you color your image 3 times as well? Stupid question, but I had to ask.

  3. Wow amazing what you can do with your image! Must really try that one time, thank you for making this tutorial and sharing it with us all.
    Hugs Yolanda

  4. Fab tutorial. I love the thick glossy look of the triple embossing.

    Can I just ask, how do you manage to cut an image using a nestie but have a part overspill the die cut? (her skirt on the left). Ive seen this a few times and sit and wonder how it is done!

    Keryn x

  5. Thanks so much for your tutorial! I have had the supplies for ages but didn't know what to do with them. You make it look so easy and your card is stunning! I'm definitely going to try this :)

  6. I too have had the embossing powders but never seem to get them to work for me.. thanks for the great tut !


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