Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gift or Voucher-Card

Today I will show you how to make a card for a little gift or a voucher.

First of all you need a stamp of your choice. (photo1)
I took the sweet Henry with his girlfriend. ;) (photo2)
My coloration is made with these copic colours. (photo 3+4).

Now you take a piece of cardstock 35 cm x 18 cm and make a fold after 8,5cm and then after 13,5cm. This is the base-card. (photo5)
After that you need some scrapbookpaper to decorate your card. (phot6). Which size you take depends on what you like.

To close the card, when it’s finish, we must take a ribbon. We need two pieces of ribbon. The first is stuck under the paper, so it looks better. And then run around the card. (photo 8+9).
For the closure of the card, we need our motive. I cut it with the Spellbinders. (photo 12). But before we stick it on the card cover, we take the second piece of ribbon and stick it under the motive. (photo 11).

Now we can wrap the ribbon all around the map. The result will look like this. (photo 14).
The outside of our card is nearly finished. Just the decoration still lacks. That will come at the end.
The inside of the card have to come first. Therefor we need a piece of cardstock 23cm x 6 cm (photo 15). If you have a scor-pal, score from both sides three times ½ inch. If you have no scor-pal, fold after 3 times 1,5cm from both sides. (photo 16).

Now fold it the way you see on photo 17.
The front of our piece of cardstock will also be decorated with scrapbookpaper (photo 18) and then we stick it into the middle of our card. (photo 19). The ist space to give a little sentiment or so.

Now our card is ready. From the outside it looks like this.

And inside there is space for a chocolate or a little stamp or what you want to give.

I hope I could explain it to understand, unfortunately my english is very bad.



  1. Hi Kim,

    thank you for this lovely tutorial:)
    nice work. Lovely papers


  2. Hi,

    Merci cette idée est géniale... je vais la préparer pour l'anniversaire de ma maman qui fête son anniv le 26/12


  3. Hi Nicole,

    thanks so much for this great tutorial:-D

    Hugs, inge xOx

  4. Great tutorial. Thank you very much
    Love sarah XXX

  5. Wow, super card! Thank you!
    Hugs JaneB

  6. Genial!!!!, es un precioso trabajo y tutorial. Me viene super bien la idea porque tengo que hacer varios vales para regalar, a ver si logro hacer algo de calidad, porque me temo que al final ira en un sobre como casi siempre. Por clases no será porque este tutorial esta super bien explicado y muy creativo. Gracias, felicidades. Bss

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