Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Folded labelcard by Marga

Hi, this is Marga. Today I'd like to show you how to make this labelcard. It's one of my favorite cardshapes, as it can be used for many different occasions. When finished, it will also make a nice giftcardholder, or it can hold paper money or even a small present.

This is how the finished card will look like:

To make this card, you will need the following:
  • cardstock 12"x 12"
  • patterned paper, in at least 4 different coordinating patterns
  • a stamped and colored image - I've used one of the lovely new WoJ stamps designed by Norma Fickel
  • tacky tape
  • ruler
  • cutting knife
  • pencil
  • pencil-eraser
  • Scoring tool, it's nice if you have a Score-it or ScorPal but any other score tool works fine too
  • embellishments to decorate the labels, like flowers, ribbon, lace, charms etc.

From the 12"x 12" cardstock, cut a piece of 12"x 5", and put the remaining piece aside for now.

Flip the cardstock over, backside up.
Devide in 4 equal parts of 3" wide and mark them by drawing lines with the pencil.

On one of the long sides, mark 1" and draw a horizontal line over the full 12" length.

Now, next to each of the 3" wide lines measure 1/2" and mark these with a dot (see picture above).

Connect the marked dots to the intersections as shown on the above picture.

Cut out the triangles, as shown on the picture above. If you don't feel comfortable using a knife, you can use scissors instead.

Line up the vertical pencil lines exactly over the score rim, as shown on the picture above.

Score the vertical line...

...and score the other 2 vertical lines also.

Use a pencil-eraser to remove all lines and markings.

Flip the paper, facing good side up.

Fold as shown on the picture above.

When folded together, your base card should look like the picture above.

Trace the folded card on the backsides of the patterned papers and cut them out, remove a strip of 1/8" wide from all sides.

Fold the basecard open, use sticky tape on the backsides of the cut-out pieces of patterned paper, and stick them on top of the basecard as shown above.

It should now look similar to this.

Take the 12"x 7" piece of cardstock you put aside earlier, and cut of a 11 1/2" x 1 1/2" strip. Cut this strip in 4 equal pieces (see picture above).

Tear off a small strip from these pieces.

Repeat for all 4 pieces.

Cut 4 pieces of patterned paper same size as the cardstock pieces, and tear off a small strip the same way you did with the cardstock......

... but tear a little bit wider strip than you did from the cardstock, so that the cardstock will stick out after assembling them together
Glue or stick the pieces of patterned paper on top of the cardstock pieces.

Attach small strips of sticky tape on the back of each 4 assembled pieces, on the left, right and bottom, leaving the top (torned side) free.

Assemble the 4 strips to the bottom of the card, as shown on the pictures.

Cut out 3 pieces of 2 1/8" x 3 1/2" from the remaining piece of cardstock, cut away 2 edges from the top, trace these pieces on the backside of patterned papers, and cut away 1/8" from all sides.
Assemble them together, using sticky tape or glue.

Glue or stick the stamped image on a piece of patterned paper.

Print or stamp your sentiment(s) on cardstock, cut out and glue or stick to the card.
Decorate the tags to your own liking. I've used flowers, pieces of ribbon and lace, brads, gromlets, charms etc.

Stamp: Whiff of Joy - Uru and Candycane
Cardstock: Bazzill White
Patterned Papers: Basic Grey - Eskimo Kisses
Flowers: Prima Marketing
Charms: Whiff of Joy
Brads: Basic Grey
Gromlets: We R Memory Keepers

I hope you enjoyed my little workshop :)



  1. What a fantastic idea, never seen a label card before, so can't wait to have a go, thank you for the wonderful and very detailed tutorial, much appreciated, love the papers and embellishments you have used. Take CareX:)

  2. Brilliant idea and so beautiful demonstrated!! I've been looking for a nice gift card holder, and this truly fits the bill. It is wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing!
    Barb Wibel

  3. Absolutely fantastic Marga!! Amazing card and brilliant tutorial, thank you so much for showing us how you made this stunning card! Will definitely be making some of these! hugs, Jane xxx

  4. Fantastic tutorial. Very easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your talent.
    Kylie xo

  5. This is so adorable - love all the papers and 'bellies! Thanks so much for this fab tutorial!

  6. I loved the workshop. Thanks so much for giving me another challenge. Great place to hide little things for my grown grandchildren.
    "Hugs" Granny

  7. Hi Marga, although we're both Dutch I'll comment in English because I want all to know that I really love your tutorial! It's very easy to follow and your labelcard looks fabulous! I wanted to craft something today and now I know exactly what I'll make, thanks a lot.
    Big scraphug, Floortje

  8. Great tutorial. Stunning card!
    Thank you for sharing. Warm wishes, Lesley

  9. I absolutely love this one, I just wished I had enough time to try every single thing in this beautiful blog

  10. Really beautiful Marga! Lovely idea. Kim

  11. oooooooooh Marga dit is supermooi...dank je wel voor de uitleg!

  12. Wow I love your labelcard Marga! It looks so great and must be very fun to make! I will try it when I got some time left:)
    Hugs, Camilla.

  13. Gracias por estos dos tutoriales maravillosos, me encantan y los pondré en práctica, eres una gran profesora. Bss.

  14. Marga

    Just a great labelcard.
    Fantastic paper aswell.

    xx Anita

  15. Wonderful tutorial and fab card!! Can't wait for my images to arrive to have a go at this!! Thank you for sharing!! Juliexx

  16. This is fabulous thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial.

  17. I saw this at floortjes blog and I'm gonna make one too, thanks for sharing!It is a really nice card!

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  19. ATTENTION: None of the images for this label card show up. Perhaps there is a bad link to Marga's files? I would like to see the images to possibly make this card.



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