Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to store your Whiff of Joy Stamps forever

Hi all!

This is Bianca for you today! I can´t belief it but this will be my last post on this blog as Whiff of Joy will close the doors forever soon. 

I tought we all can need some inspiration and tips how to store our Whiff of Joy stamps for ever as we can´t get new images and want to use that one we have for a very, very long time.

So here are some hints for you:

*) Store your stamps in a cool and dry place. If the temperature offset is to high the rubber can start to get crumbly. This will destroy your stamp!

*) Always clean your stamps with a stamp cleaner and/ore baby wipes. The baby wipes often have a little bit of lotion ore oil in it. This not only care for baby skin but also for your stamps as the rubber will stay soft with it. Just take care the baby wipes don´t have any alcohol ore formaldehyd in it´s liquid.

* Store your stamps flat and with out any pressure on it. You can use little boxes for it as I have done for my project.

This is a box you sometimes get if you order some yummy foot at a food service. I have start my project with eating some Chines noodles :-)

The boxes are stabile and have a good lid. One box has enough space for one of your Whiff of Joy stamp kits. You can decorate the lid with one of the stampimages you will store inside. If you want to staking more boxes for a deck you just have to care for the decoration has to be flat. I have used the "Tanzende Herzen" die as dies are perfekt for a wonderfull flat decoration.

I hope you will have fun for a long time with your Whiff of Joy stamps with this hints.

I will use my Whiff of Joy stamps again and again and if you like it you can visit my blog for new inspirations from now on.

THANK YOU! To everyone of you! I will miss you and Whiff of Joy!

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