Friday, April 10, 2015

Color me Happy! (picture heavy)

It's Linda here with you for Color me Happy Friday! For my coloring today I have used an image called You can count on me and I'm coloring with Copic Markers. 

I started using E37, 35, 33, 31 and 30. I added the darkest color E37 where the shade is meant to be. 

Then I add the next color, E35 and working over the darkest color as well towards my intended light source. 

I go on with E 33 and working that over my E35 and towards my light source. I do not go over my E37, this would make the colors blend to much. 

I then go over with my E35 and E 33 again to deepen the colors before I go over E33 with my E31 and towards the light. 

Then I go over my E31 with E 30 and the image is done. Well Henry anyways... 

So moving on to baby Henry I do the exact same thing... I start with my darkest color, in this case I choose E35. 

Then I add my next color E33 working over my E35 area as well. 

Before I go on to my next color I go over the image with E35 and E33 again. Now I move on to E31. 

Then I add my lightest color E30. 

For the pink details I use RV10 and R00, adding RV10 to the areas where the shade is meant to be.

Here I have added the R00 and also started on the red shirt for baby Henry. I always use R59, R46 and R27 for coloring read. Below I have added R59 as my darkest color where the shades are and then R46. 

Then I go over my image with the two darkest colors before I add R27 as my lightest color. 

Here the image is all done. I have used YG97, 95, 93 for the trousers using the same technique as I described above. 

This is the finished card: 

Thank you for stopping by today! 

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