Saturday, February 7, 2015

Scrap your stash and make a heartshaped easle-card, Tudorial

Hi Everyone!

It´s my turn (Bianca´s) to scrap my stash. I thought you maybe want to see a new way to use one of your "old" Whiff of Joy dies. If you belief me ore not, you can´t just make only the lovely hearthaped box with this die.
NO - it´s also perfect for make all your cards for St. Valentine´s Day this year!

All what you need is:

*your favourit Whiff of Joy Stamp (mine is: Fische)
* some left over papers and embelishments
*Scorebord (but it also works with  a bonefolder and a ruler) 

First of all use your die two times and cut away the the flaps. You will need the flaps with the little glue flap. If you use not so very heavy paper you have to stick this flap tougether. If you use very heavy cardstock you can also use just one of this flaps.

Now you have to score this flap at 1,1" (ore 2,5cm) and ...

... and stick it on one of your heart shaped pards. This will be your card base now. Let the glue try befor you start with the next step.

Now fold your flap just like on the photo. The scorline is now on the end of the flap. Add some glue and now you have to put the uper pard of your card. The position must be exectly on the based part of the card and the flap must be in the same position as you can see it on the foto.

Now it looks like this and it is ready for beeing decorated by you.

Don´t forget to use something like the sentiment on my card for hold the uper part of your card if it´s displayed.

It´s really easy, you can use all your left overs and a die-light in a different way.

Have fun!


  1. Thanks for sharing how you made that beautiful Valentine card!

  2. Thank you ladies! I´m glad you like my card! Have a lovely day! Bianca XX


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