Thursday, January 15, 2015

Make your selfmade savings box, Tudorial Thursday!

Hi Everyone!

It´s Tudorial Thursday and my (Bianca´s) turn to show you something new for try by yourself.

I deside to show you how to make a savings box. It´s a perfect little gift ore also fab for your self and save your money for something important like new Whiff of Joy stamps *giggle*.

This is what you will need:
* a round can ore box made of clear plastic with a reuseable cap
* WoJ stamp image of your joice mine is:
* some dies for decoration mine are:
Herzbanner and Geschachtelte Herzen
* carpet cutter ore other cutting tool
*glue, scissors a.s.o.

I have start my project with - RELAXING in my bathtube 
as my plastic can was the packing of a very fine bath salt but you can use a can also from other goods as long as its made of clear plastic and has a cap to close and open again and again.

As all this cans will have diverent diameters. I don´t use any size informations in my tudorial! But don´t be afraid it´s really so very easy!

First of all you have to cut a money slit into the lid. That´s tricky as the plastic is not very soft.
Please take care of your fingers! 
I have ask my hubby for help and he cut´s the slit with one of his electric tools. It also works with a carped knife but the electric toll is more finger friendly if you ask me ;-)

If you have the slit the most tricky part is done. Now cut a pize of designerpaper as tall as the coverage of your can and use the glue for stick it on the can.

If you wish to have a window for see how much money is inside you can shorten the paper a little bit so that it´s not as tall as the can. If you don´t want to have a window you can also use a can of heavy card ore plastic in colors.

Take care of the cap as you must be abel to open it again. Just don´t give glue on that parts of paper and don´t let the paper overlaping the cap.
If you belief it ore not - this is it!
Now you can start to decorate the can.

If you are interested you can see one more example for one of this savings boxes on my blog.

Have fun and a lovely day!
Bianca XX


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