Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This time no tutorial from me, but somethings else I want to share with you and which I think you might enjoy having a peek at.
This month it is my turn to show you my little piece of heaven, my craft room.
I share my craftroom with some stash from our home, but still everything I need is in range.
Lets have a look :)

My first picture shows you how I store my papers and my larger projects and some small stuff that I only use occasionally.

Next to the paper stash a cabinet. I used this for my stash, printing papers, incs and so on.

My working space :).
The bottom drawer contains my colouring stuff, copics, distress, twinkling and so on.
The rest of the drawers contain stash I regularry use.
The small cabinet contains my Whiff of Joy kits and my punches and favo Tim dies.
Underneath more stamps and stash.
My hubby made me some fab light when it's dark outside above my crafting space, but also a small daylight lamp is so helpfull.
I store my stamps and dies I regulary use on a Clip it up, I think it is so usefull.

Of course, being a cat lover, I also have some cat things in my little piece of heaven:

Sadly Droppie (one of my cats) demolished the green cat just after taking this picture, 
but I got a new one recently from my hubbie on my birthday :)

Last  but not least, I recently purchased 2 small cabinets and thought wow, this is enough storage for a while..... until I started reorganizing, now 3 of the boxes are still empy, but I everything is now better organised. I keep stash in there and some future projects.

I hope you enjoyed having a peek at my craftroom.
Unitll next month when I will show a tutorial again.
Happy crafting,


  1. You have a really wonderful craftspace MArion, even I must admit, I wouldn´t ever swap with my own, which I actually also just shared a ton of pictures from on my blog a few days ago too. But I also think, I have the biggest and best craftheaven in the whole Europe ha ha ha, but I can still see, you have a great room here too thoug, and you´re really well organized, something I would love to havea class about too ha ha ha.
    have a wonderful day inhere and lots of fun.

  2. You have really a heaven craft room and so many beautiful dies. Love it.

  3. Wow a huge stamping room and lots of storage. I like the hanging files, that is a great idea. cool room!

  4. Wow a nice crafting room
    I myself am still trying to get my room organised i think
    I need to stop buying things hahaha but there always are so many things
    I don`t have .
    I can use everything hihihi
    Greetings Cinderella

  5. Hello, Marion - I love your craft space! It is so much nicer than my dining room table LOL. I love to see all your craft supplies and how they are stored. Your clip-it-up is very neat - and that's a great light your hubby made. So impressive to see this space and your lovely cabinets - thank you for sharing! Yes, I am jealous LOL!!!


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