Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let's (Pirate) party

Today it's my turn to show you something;
A pirates party hat

First of all I draw the template of the hat on a piece of black cardstock and cut it out.
I made the holes for the elastic.

Then I stamped with the tiny skull stamp (from the stampkit) and white ink several print
on in and place the lovely Henry in front of the hat.

Thread the elastic through the holes and place a piece of tacky tape on one of the
edges and stick them together..

Let's party!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday all!



  1. What an awesome idea to make such a hat, and it looks fabulous too. I´m sure any kid would jsut love to make his own hat like this, or even just get one already made for a birthdayparty. Thanks so much for the template too, very sweet of you to share this.´, but for some reaon it download as a weird unknown filetype here? Isn´t it a jpeg file???

  2. Yes, it was a jpeg file, but for some reason now it is a webp file.
    I will try to solve this problem Maryann. Hugs, Jeanet


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