Thursday, July 25, 2013

Travel suitcase tutorial

Today it's my turn to show you something I've made;
A travel suitcase with winegums

I have made several pictures during the making of my suitcase to
show you how it works, hope you like it all!

First take a piece of cardstock of 13 x 25 cm.
Score at 0,5 - 10,5 - 12 - 13,5 - 23,5  cm.
Cut at the right end of the cardstock a handle (4cm wide with rounded corners).
Fold the lines as the example below.

Use a piece of terrible tacky tape to stick the cardpocket filled with
winegums in the suitcase.

Then put two pieces of terrible tacky tape on the left and
right side of het hanle and close the suitcase.

Decorate the suitcase in your own way, on the
pictures below you can see my suitcase with decoration.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day all!



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