Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tutorial May

This month I want to share a chrochet project with you.
It is a very populair technique at the moment in my country.
It is my first chrochet work, so do not be to harsh on your judgement :).
I used a basic stitch for my work.

To get started you need this:
I used a baby food jar, but you can use any jar that you like.

After finishing my chrochet work, it looked like this:
Side view

Top view:

Bottom view:

Then the jummy part started, I had to eat the baby food, tasted dellish by the way :).
I cleaned the jar and filled it with stones and a little light:

After decorating this is the endresult:
I coloured Henry with distress markers and added liquid pearls on the bow as an extra touch.

I hope I have given you some inspiration.
Untill next month.

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  1. Cool project. Your crochet is very good.

    Luv Jane xx

  2. I am loving this crochet project, Marion! will definitely pick up my hooks again when I have time ;)

  3. What a wonderful idea, marion! So great, love your projects and your techniques. Have a fab day.
    Clarissa xx

  4. Super cute idea, and your crochet work looks awesome to me!


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