Friday, April 26, 2013

Colleen's Creative Space

Hello everyone, I am excited and a bit nervous to be sharing my creative space with you all today! I am sure we all say it but it is a room in progress, we moved last year and fortunately their was an office so I have an area all to myself, while almost, my husband and I share it. We are always having fun at one another who has the most space, I think it is me but I am not going to admit that to him!

This room is directly off our lounge room but has a door that you can close when it gets a bit messy, perfect when things get crazy. When you walk in, you walk down three stairs and this is what you see first, my side of course.

This is my desk and I have lots of cupboard space at the top to store my stash as well as some draws at the bottom. The little shelf above my working area has all my 'go to' things, like ink pads, lace in a tin, pearls and bling, twine, buttons and tools.

This is a close up, the little containers contain bits and pieces like brads, pins, charms, buttons, tags and cotton. They have all been stored by manufacturer and this is still a work in progress as I find if I can see it I tend to use it, especially my older bits and pieces, so I am still sorting through my stash.

Directly to the right is my sewing machine as I love having it out and ready to go as I am always stitching on my projects. And just behind it, you can see my husbands desk and all his things, it really is lovely to share because most evenings we are in there together.

The plastic containers have cardstock, masks, patterned papers, my dies and the basket generally has bits and pieces that I tend to use a lot of. The plastic containers on my desk are great for easy access and where I stay there is a lot of dust so keeps my things clean.

And this is how I store my gorgeous collection of Whiff of Joy stamps. The sentiments I store in CD cases and label them. The images I store in these large plastic folders that clip close, I mount my rubber stamps and then adhere them to the inside of the folders, a great way to store and save space.

The rest of the shelf stores some more stamps, paints, mists, Distress Stains, paint brushes and chipboard.

To the left of my work space is my laptop and printer.

And this is just a quick snapshot of my desk when its messy but I have to be honest and say it gets worse than this, I forgot to take one when I was really busy.

Thank you for joining me today, I hope you enjoyed the little tour and I would love to see your crafting spaces so share your link and I will be around to visit.


  1. What a fab room Colleen, love it, hugs, Marion

  2. Looks great Collen and indeed very cosy to share the space with your hubby!!!
    Have a lovely weekend, xx Irene

  3. Hola, me gustan las manualidades y tu blog me ha encantado. Desde ahora soy seguidora tuya.
    Yo tengo un blog de repostería, pásate si quieres.

    Un abrazo!


  4. Such an awesome room here Coleen. I have a really awesome room myself, and I just love it. But I wouldn´t like to have to share it with hubby thoug. I´m afraid, he would drive me crazy pretty soon then, as he´s just so terrible messy and tends to take over more and more space as time goes, so soon he would be all over it, so I´m pretty glad, we have each our rooms here ha ha ha. But it´s cosy to go and visit each other now and then thoug ha ha ha
    Thanks sooo much for sharing yours here, it´s sooo awesome to see, how others have made their arrangements too.

  5. Wow... you have so much storage space that has to be awesome. I do like your set up. Wonderful space Colleen!


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