Wednesday, February 27, 2013

tutorial- card moving!! :)

Hello dear friends!! Today I show you how to make a card moving, excuse my bad English and photos, but it was evening!

you need a card of 17 x 19 cm
and scrapbooking paper to embellish

you have to bend the cardboard from the longest to 9 cm and 18 cm

then with a drill to make a hole on the one hand, will serve to pull the card inside

with a punch as long as in the picture, make a hole by inserting the big shot. If you have a puncher's okay!

write the message inside the card

for the inside cut a piece of white card 15.5 cm x 17cm

 now take the stamp you want, I used 

then use the adhesive to attack the subject and decorated your card!!

thanks and see you soon SARA


  1. This is awesome Sara, and don´t worry, the tutorial was very easy to understand, and the pics were just fine, so no problems at all, you did a great job.
    And the card itself is amazing and looks really great, another really great job done.

  2. Bella card.
    Bravissima e grande tutorial

  3. Alles super, ich hab es verstanden, trotz meines noch schlechteren Englisch ;-)
    Super schöne Karte!
    LG Sandra

  4. Beautiful card and tutorial sara .Its called slider card !

  5. Sara this is adorable and such a fun interactive card. Wonderful tutorial.

  6. Lovely tutorial and lovely idea, hugs, Marion (Your English was excellent by the way :) ), hugs, Marion

  7. Great tutorial thank you for sharing. beautiful colours too. hugs! Mojca

  8. Thank you so so much for your tutorial!!!!

  9. Thank you very much for this gorgeous tutorial. I love this card.
    Grazie da Francy

  10. WOW! What a great idea! Thanks so much for this inspiration.. I will try it, for sure.
    xoxo Clarissa

  11. What a lovely and briljant idea, hugs, Marion


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