Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine Treat Box Tutorial

Good morning, Stacy here with a fun little valentine treat box tutorial for you. I am using this adorable robot called Beep Beep, I Love you. Here is the supplies you will need for your box. 2 8x11 sheets of solid color paper, 1 sheet of designer paper, Desired shape in 3 stages, adhesive and embellishments.  
First thing you will need to do is die cut out (2 pieces) the lid and the base using the largest shape you choose. I am using Spellbinders Label one shape today. Die cut out the designer piece in the second largest shape now as well.
Set aside these pieces for now. To create your box lid and box base you will need 2 piece of solid color paper. Cut  them in 4x4 inch piece of paper for both. Once cut score at 1/2 inch on all 4 sides of each piece of paper as shown. Fold the edges and cut the two ends to create the tabs for the box.

Add your adhesive to the little tabs and also to the bottom of each box. This is what will adhere to your die shapes we cut.

Remove ONLY the side tabs to create your box. Leave the large strips to adhere in a bit. See picture below.
Once both boxes are created you will remove the center adhesive from one and center onto your die shape as shown.
When adding the box to the lid portion I place the box onto of the bottom as shown below. This works better for me when I attach the lid base for centering all edges evenly.
Your box now should look like this and ready to decorate!
Here is my final creation all decorated. I added some lace trim and ribbon along with some pearls for fun. The flowers and his heart have a little bit of sparkle added to them also.

This might be the little project I make for the twins classroom this year for Valentines day. :0)   Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, happy creating!


  1. Great Tutorial and a nice stamp!
    I really like the box!


  2. I've tried this before and found it difficult to place the lid on to the base needs to be slightly larger than 4"

  3. Very Nice tutorial ! Thanks .

  4. oh what a cute little box. thank you for sharing. hugs! Mojca

  5. What a jummie gift, lovely tutorial, hugs, marion

  6. What a cute little box here and the image is so cute too. And a great tutorial as well thanks sooo much.

  7. What a great tutorial - looks so easy.
    Thanks for sharing.


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