Friday, December 28, 2012

tutorial per un cd - for a cd

 hello friends this is my first tutorial
I want to teach you to pack a CD to give to a friend.
pardon my horrific photos and my bad English, I hope you understand it anyway!

you need just a simple sheet of A4 paper and a CD.
scissors and glue!

we start by....

fold the sheet on one side and a17 cm to 4 cm, and then turn it back bend to 4 cm and 17 cm.
As in picture ...

now cut the parts that I painted black ... look at the pictures ... sorry again for my bad English!

and now the fun part! We're going to decorate it  :)

e ora la parte più divertente! Andiamo a decorarlo  :)

 I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, see you soon!
hugs SARA


  1. What a great idea and not a bad tutorial at all Sara. It´s very easy to understand and follow from the pics and your cool drawings, so don+´t worry, even my granddaughter at 8, who´s here right now, just asked if she could make one of those for her mum´s birthday in 10 days, and if she can understand it, even she only speaks Danish, then I´m sure everybody can, so you just keep them comming hun, it´s really awesome and we always loves great new ideas to create fun stuff.
    Thanks again and a very Happy New Year to all of you there.

  2. Waw what a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing. Hugs! Mojca

  3. Hey this very nice tutorial SO you don't have to be sorry for anything !I liked the way you decorated the CD Cover .

  4. Great idea.. and then load up your favorite Music or pics .. Great Embellished.. And the Tutorial was easy to follow! :o) Thank you! :o)


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