Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shading with Prismacolour Pencils...


 Hi Lori here with a few tips on adding some shadows using prisma colour pencils. 
I will be using the new Fireman Henry from Whiff of Joy and the great sketch is the current WOJ challenge head over and check it out! The  Pennant Die is also from Whiff of Joy!

First off I start by stamping my image in Memento black ink onto cardstock. I use X-press it Blending card as it works great with copics and is really easy to blend the prismacolour pencils as well.

 I start by colouring my image with copics.  I use Stampin' Up Chalks and Q-tips to rub on the cheeks.

Time to start shading the hose. I am using a Dark Cool Grey Pencil.
 I pencil in some colour along the bottom edges of the hose where I would like the shadows to be. This doesn't have to be perfect, we will blend in the next step.

 My favourite blending technique is using blending stumps as shown. I have a little plastic container with a sponge and some baby oil. I dip the tip of the stump on the sponge to pick up some of the baby oil.

 Next working in a circular motion I start at the bottom and blend the colour outwards. 

 Next I want to add some shading to the Fire Hydrant. I am using Tuscan Red. I am only laying the colour down on the one side where I would like the shadow. 

 Next continue blending with the same technique as before. I use a different stump when I switch colours. 

Next I added some shading to Henry's Coat and Hat. I used a Warm Brown Pencil.
 Blend it in so it has a smoother finish.

 I always use my pencils for making my ground shadows.  Here using a warm grey I sketch around the base of the stamp.

 Next blend it in for a smooth finish.

 If you would like a shadow around your image lightly go completely around the image using a warm grey pencil.  You can really use any colour, even blue if you would like a sky look. Feel free to play around and add more or less depth as you feel necessary. For this stamp I didn't add any shadows to Henry's fur. If I was to I would use a dark brown colour in the same way as the rest of the shading.  I finished off adding a few highlights with a white gel pen. (see top photo)

 Copics and Pencils used. 
These are just some of the ways I like to colour. Always experiment with your supplies, it is so fun!


  1. It is a wonderful tutorial, covering different color tools, and the technique of blending. It is very helpful and easy to follow, very detailed illustration, great job.

  2. Thank you for this tutorial
    Like your technique ;)
    Great card Lori ;)
    Sonja x

  3. Great coloring, looks fantastic!


  4. Thanks Lori~~very well done and I always love getting refreshed by others :)

  5. This is so gorgeous ... thank you for the tips. Hugs! Mojca

  6. Very beautiful and delicate.
    I love the tones you used.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you for sharing your technique....I'm so glad you use baby oil....I don't care for the mineral oil therefor I don't use it....but your so much better will have to try again thank you so much for the tutorial..... love your creations....awesome coloring ....tfs

  8. Thanks Lori, this is realy a good tutorial, thanks for sharing this with us.


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