Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Card box by Sonja

Hi Ladies,What a wonderful weather we have in the Netherlands,it`s almost to hot to make or create something I`m just dizzily in the head *lol*
    Well  I created a Card box and show you how To Do.

First I colored my sweet stamp For my tweetheart
Then I cut out my printing that I did with the pattern on it, and followed the cut lines and fold lines.
I glued it together and finished the card box as I liked it.
I put some cappuccino bags in it to give away.
I also made a Lollipop flower,don`t know if everyone knows howto ,so I did make some pictures of it .
Just in case,but I`m sure you do;)

 Hope you like my little tutorial,
and if you have any questions don`t hesitate to ask me here ore on my own
Have a wonderful Sunny Day.

( -.- ) xox Sonja


  1. UIIII! das ist ja voll süss geworden!echt herzig.Lg Martina

  2. Wonderful tutorial! Wonderful creation!


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