Monday, October 31, 2011

Folded Bag by Jane Johnson

Hi! Jane here and today I am going to show you how to create gift bags from 12x12" paper.

You will need:

12x12" patterened paper (one sided)
two 1" x 12" pieces of cardstock
Edge punch
Hole punch
A book less than 6" wide


With your paper white side facing use your edging punch along the whole of one edge.

Your paper will then look like this.

2. Fold the punched edge over so that you have a white decorative edge for the top of your bag. The amount you fold over can be varied - I have folded over 2 1/2" as I am going to be decorating the white area.


Turn the paper over and place your book in the centre with the top of the book at the folded edge.


Now you wrap the book up just like wrapping a present! First wrap around the book and glue or tape in place (careful not to glue to the book!).


Run your finger and thumb firmly along the edges of the book so that the creases are nice and neat.


Now continue to wrap like a present at the opposite end to the punched detailing. Fold the top section down ......

........fold both the sides in ensuring all the folds are nice and neat and apply glue under the triangle sections to add strength to the bottom of the bag.......

.......finally, glue the last flap up as shown above.

7. Slide the book out of the bag. Pinch each side in half by bringing the creased edges together and continue to pinch together all along the side as shown above.....

.....stop creasing near the bottom when you get the triangle effect shown above.

8. This step is optional but makes the bag easier to decorate. Fold the bottom of the bag back on itself as shown above.....'s a side view to explain this fold further.

9. Punch holes in the top of the bag, evenly spaced. (punch the two edge holes straight through all the folded parts of the bag through to the other side so that you also create holes in the sides of the bag).

Thread ribbon through the holes and tien in a bow at the front of the bag.


Punch along both edges of each strip of 1"x12" cardstock and attach to the inside of the bag to form handles. You are now ready to decorate your bag!

Here's my finished gift bag using one of the gorgeous new images from the Winter Kit which will also be released tomorrow as single stamps. I have decorated my bag for some Christmas cookies but of course you can create these bags for any other ocassion too! Hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and if you would like any further details of how I have embellished my bag please see my blog post here.

Jane x


  1. Wow, what a lovely bag.Great idea to use a book as helping hand'
    greeting Monique

  2. LOVE IT! Now I can make great gift bags with older design papers which I don't use that often..
    Hugs, Shirley

  3. Such a cute bag! Thank you for inspiration. Lovely idea for christmas presents :)

  4. Beautiful, thanks for this tutorial!

    Hugs Thea

  5. It's great Jane! Thanks for the inspiration :-)
    Hugs Ing

  6. Как здорово ! Спасибо за урок !

  7. wow awesome... thanks for tutorial dear...

  8. Wonderful! Love it! Thanks xxx

  9. Danke für diese Anleitung - kann man immer gut gebrauchen !
    Macht was her dieses liebe Geschenksackerl !
    Liebe Grüße

  10. This is so cool....thank you for the tutorial....awesome job...

  11. Great idea. Will use it for sure thsi coming Christmas.

  12. So pretty))) I love it!)
    Thanks for this tutorial=))))

  13. Great bag thanks for the tutorial Luv Sue x

  14. Thank you for the easy to follow tutorial. I can't wait to make one. Love the images too. Thanks for sharing
    hugs Julie

  15. Thank you for the easy to follow tutorial. I can't wait to make one. Love the images too. Thanks for sharing
    hugs Julie

  16. I saw this posting some time ago (and commented I see!) and remembered it for my friend's present, which you can see on this posting. I hope you don't mind, but I did link back to you!


  17. Love this art really like this is such a Lovely Gifts to give your kids i really appreciate.


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