Sunday, May 8, 2011

Patchwork tray by tanjaak

Hello and good evening! I'm here to show you a nice project to work on. I have had this old tray for a while and had gotten tired of the look of it. I thought why not decorate it and find a new use for it.

So you'll need these following materials to make this project: tray, water-soluble glue, papers, image, paint brush.

Use some water to dilute the glue so that it is easier to apply. I have used papers from my scrap pile and havbe not cutted them to size... so just start applying some glue and put your papers down in a patchwork style. I realized in the process that different papers react in different ways, some curl up easily and some stay staright as they get if you want the best result it might be best to choose papers that are similar in quality and thickness.

When I waited for my tray to dry I coloured an image to decorate the tray even further. My choice of image fore this project was WoJ's new Together Forever, just love those cute birds. I also cutted it out along the edges and and glued in to place.

So here's the image in place...and the glue still wet LOL.

Now you might need to apply a second or even third coat of glue to make this tray, let the glue dry well in between. My tray was only for decorative use so I let it be as it was, I'm though thinking of painting the sides white as I don't really like that colour of wood. You could also coat the tray with a varnish found from hardware stores to make it more durable.

And here's the finished tray. Thanks for looking!



  1. So lovely this patchwork with the birds!!
    Great ideavTanjaak :)
    hugs sonja

  2. I am following your blog for a while and I suddenly saw this tutorial! I had the same project for a swap a few month ago:

  3. Now that is so adorable. Hugs, Fran


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