Monday, May 23, 2011

Decorating scraproom by Murielle

Hello everyone, Today, I show you my project this month. I create a triptych to decorate my scraproom. I hope you enjoy. 

You will need:
cardboard, a form that will serve as patron and fancy papers.
For the first part, cut the shape as shown below.

For the second part, we must cut a 18cm circle and a circle inside it 14cm (use a compass to draw circles).
To cut the circle from the inside, use a clure.

For the Third part, draw in pencil and cut around the die.

Cut and paste fancy papers on different cartons We come to prepare the above.
Cut out different models to decorate tripyique dies.

Assemble the various parts with tape and decorate.

This is the result

Thanks for stopping by!
Hugs, Murielle


  1. So sweet! Thank you for sharing this project!

  2. C'est tellement joli Murielle! Bises Jeanette

  3. This is so adorable....thank you so much for sharing this with us...

  4. Какая прелесть!!!


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