Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ideas for the insides of your cards - by Jorunn

Hi there, are you getting back to your scrapping tables after the summer vacation?
I know I am, and today I would like to give you some ideas about 
making the insides of your cards. 

I love it when the card does not stop in the front, but continues on the inside as well, 
and Whiff of Joy's stamp kits and miniature stamps are perfect 
for the matching inside:

Here is what you need:
* Pattern papers
* Card stock
* Stamps that matches the front
* Ruler
* Marker or Pen (I use the zig writer)
* Other embellishments of your taste


Here is my card all done in the front,
and now I am ready to start working on the inside:
The image is from 
Whiff of Joy's  store stamp kit

I start with making a similar lay out with the same pattern papers 
as I have on the front:

Next is the card stock;
Stamp the image on the corner of the card stock, leaving room to write a greeting.
The image is also from the same kit, and matches the theme on the front perfectly

The image is now colored in, and I use my ruler and my zig writer to make a solid line 
around the rest of the card stock. starting and ending around the image.
 I usually make my line about 0,5 cm from the edge of the card stock.

Now glue the card stock on the pattern papers, I added some gemstones 
in the left corner, and also some glitter glue on the treasure in the chest.

...and voilà my inside is all done:

I also mentioned the miniature stamps are perfect for the insides,
and here is another card where I used an accessories stamp on the front, 
and a miniature stamp on the inside:

The front:
Image from the Stamp kit

The inside:

I hope you liked my ideas for the inside.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Lovely cards, and great ideas. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hello Jorunn,

    Wonderful idea!!
    Lovely to see when you open your card,and there is another stamp and place enough to wright:)

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Dear Jorunn,

    I love to see how the inside of your cards matches with the outside. I do it myself very often, it´s also a great way to use all the little pieces of the patternedpaper so you don´t have throw away anything.
    Thanks for sharing and the nice inspiration!

    Love, Marjolijne

  4. Beautiful card, luv the tutorial thanks for sharing xx Lizzy xx :)

  5. merci c'est vraiment très bien

  6. I love it Jorunn!! It makes the card really special when you do the inside too x Marley

  7. Thanks for sharing these ideas - they provide great inspiration!
    Diane x

  8. Lovely cards and great inspiration for the insides! TFS
    Blessings Bernie


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