Monday, February 22, 2010

Special card by Murielle

Hello to you all!
Today, I propose to make a card I did for a friend.
It is a card or I write a recipe inside.

 Firstly, you need an A4 sheet that you cut with dimensions of 29.5 cm in width and 16 cm in height.
You make a fold to 7.5 cm from the edge and another at 14.5 cm and then to 7.5 cm.
As the photo below

You cut a second paper with the following dimensions:Width 30 cm x 9 cm height add another piece of 5cm from 9 cm to the join of the belt.
Make the folds 7.5cm, 15cm, 7.5cm and stick the piece of 5cm.As the photo below

Cut your scrap of paper to embellish the interior and exterior of the card.
A noted decrease of 1cm width and height dimensions of the card.
As the photo below


Stick the different pieces.
As the photo below

Glue the colored paper on the belt.
As the photo below

Add two nestabilities to the center of the card.
Perforate the edges of the belt and paste the image "Willow with champaign".
Close the map and then drag the belt.
The work is finished.


  1. gorgeous card thank you for sharing your process

  2. What a wonderful tutorial...and gorgeous results!

  3. Ma chère Murmur! Quelle création magnifique! Que penses-tu? Moi aussi j'ai faite une carte dans la même style pour mercredi! Mais j'avais pas pensé de mettre une ceinture comme la tienne. C'est vraiment belle!
    Bises Jeanette

  4. Wows this is another gorgeous card:)

    thanks for sharing.

    digihugs Sonja

  5. Merci de l'aide à faire de belles cartes ! Celle ci est très belle aussi !
    Françoise (Belgique)


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