Saturday, January 23, 2010

Masking Tutorial

Good morning girls its Dawn (All pink girl) here to share with you all a little tutorial on how to do masking
the tutorial today is nice and easy but it will show you how to combine your whiff of joy stamps to get the best affect and impact by simply over lapping them
For the tutorial you will need
1) 2 stamps that so well to geather ( or a theme) i have used the new happy mail range
2) post it notes
3) Sharpe scissors
4) ink pad

First decide which of the images you would like to be at the font of your scene and which image you would like to be the back ground ,
some times it helps to have a play with your stamps on scrap paper first
once you have decided which is your main image you need to stamp this stamp on to the post it note
making sure you stamp some of your image near the top of the post it note where it is sticky as when the image is cut out this will hold your mask to your work

Next you need to carefully cut out your image

now using your stamp again you need to stamp your image where you would like it in your picture

then using the mask you have carefully cut out now place this over the image you have just stamped to protect your original

Now your mask is safely in place you can now stamp your background stamp with no fear of getting ink on the original and giving your project dimension

And here we have the finished card
hope you have enjoyed the tutorial today ,thanks for looking
hugs Dawnxxxxx


  1. You have made that sound so so easy, Dawn. Thank you :) I have read some tutorials that confuse me so I've never tried this. I will be trying it now though.

  2. Thanks for the fab tutorial ! love the card !
    If theres one thing i do when masking is i always get it the wrong way round at first lol My brain just cant function ! very helpful hun !
    love maddy x

  3. this is great how you wrote it so other words in plain i can thanks hun xx hugs clare xx

    p.s the card is gorgeous xx

  4. This is the easiest masking tutorial I have seen!! Thanks for the fab pictures and easy to follow instructions. I will have a go at this today!!

    Sarah x

  5. I agree,it is the easies masking tut;I have seen,thanks for sharing.x

  6. Wonderful tutorial Dawn!!!TFS!
    Again a beauty!!!!


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