Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mini Copic Marker Tutorial by Niki Estes

Hello, everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! It's hard to believe a new year is almost upon us. I thought I would share a mini tutorial today showing the steps I went through to color this adorable little Henry Mouse hugging heart image that I used on my card today.

The first thing that I always do when coloring my images is to get out copic marker chart. (It's a blank chart that I printed and filled in with the copic marker colors that I own. I can't remember where I downloaded my particular chart, but you can print a very similar one here.) I use the chart to choose copic markers that coordinate with the patterned papers and colors I have chosen for my card. I am using some patterned papers from the Irresistible line by My Mind's Eye.

First, I colored the heart in using R27. Then, I added a little shading using R29.

Then, I blended the two colors by going over the heart again with the R27. Since these two colors are very close in hue, I went back over my shading a little more with the R29 also to darken the shading.

Next, I colored in Henry's tummy using E43 and shaded with E44.

I blended again with my lighter copic marker, E43. Again, these two markers are close in color so I added a little extra shading with the E44.

Then, I used the same steps (color entire area with light color, shade with darker color, and blend with light color) to color Henry's body using E44 and E47.

I colored Henry's tail using E43 and E44.

For Henry's ears, I colored the area with R30. Then, instead of using a darker marker to shade, I lightened the area using a blending pen. Blending pens don't actually blend the colors. Instead, they move the color around. So, I used the blending pen to lighten the tips of the ears and move the color down to the interior of the ear. Then, I used the R30 to add some more shading to the interior part of the ear.
Next, I added some shadows under Henry to help ground my image. I used W1, W3, and a blending pen. I started by adding some shadows with W1. Then, I added a darker area very close to my image using W3 and blended with W1. I went over the area with my blending pen to lighten it and push the color in close to my image.

For the next step, I needed a mask for my image. So, I stamped the image on some eclipse tape (a slightly tacky paper tape). You can also use a sticky note for this step.

I cut the mask out using scissors and adhered it over my colored image.

Then, I used a B02 marker and my air compressor to spray the image a blue shade that coordinates with my patterned paper. You could also sponge ink around your image.

When I was done, I removed the mask and my image is done. I save my masks so that I can use them again.

And here is my completed card. I added some rhinestones to the center of some buttons and lots of stitching on my patterned paper layers. I hope you enjoyed my mini copic coloring tutorial.
Have a great day!
Edited to answer some questions: You can see what the copic air compressor looks like here. You can download a blank chart to fill in with your copic colors here. I personally use Papertrey Ink's white cardstock for all of my copic colored images.


  1. Fabulous tutorial Niki! I think I need the air that background!

  2. The air compressor is wonderful! It made quick work out of coloring the background! Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks for the wonderful tutorial! love the even and fast covering the air compressor gives! Thanks for sharing and i love your gorgeous card!

  4. many thanks for your clear tutorial!
    xxx Margreet

  5. Wow this was so amazing. Thanks for sharing your talents.
    Kylie xo

  6. great tutorial. thank you
    Love Sarah XXX

  7. Such a fab tutorial. Thanks so much!

  8. Great Tutorial! TFS! What paper do you use with your Copic Markers?


  9. Thanks the tutorial! I am just getting started with Copics and can use all the help I can get.

  10. this is cute what does the spayer look like

  11. Super tutorial!! Absolutely adorable card too! I just love all the little details TFS :o)

  12. I've often wondered at your technique with Copics, and now, mystery solved! Thanks for showing us, Nikki. It looks great and is easy to follow. I love how your mouse turned out!
    Your card is so gorgeous, I love the stitching. And its neat how the shading on the ground under him was not hidden by the blue you air brushed overtop, but was actually enhanced. So cool!!

  13. OOps, type-o... Niki, not Nikki!! Sorry hun!! xo

  14. Thanks so much for the mini tute! Lovethe little mouse

  15. What a wonderful card, super! And thank u=you for the turorial!
    Hugs Jacqueline

  16. An adorable card and a neat tutorial! Thank you!

  17. Die Karte und die coloration gefallen mir super gut! Danke!
    GLG Moni

  18. Wow I wish I could draw, get write up !

  19. Awesome card AND tutorial!!
    Thank you - Happy New Year, Candy

  20. Thanks so much for the fabulous tutorial! your card is sooo cute!!

  21. Thanks for sharing. This is really helpful.
    xx Yvonne

  22. what a nice tutorial, thanks a lot!
    I'm definitely going to folow your blog ;-)



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