Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wedding Favour/Individual Chocolate Box by Jane Johnson

Good morning!  I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!  Jane here and today I want to share an idea for a wedding favour box or individual chocolate box for a dinner party perhaps.  It has become popular in the UK to give one very special chocolate to guests at the wedding breakfast rather than the traditional sugared almonds and this mini wedding cake box is just right for giving one such chocolate!

You will need:

Score board
Circle dies
Pearl string embellishment

Cut from your choice of cardstock:

3 x die cut circle (mine is approx 2" diametre)
1 x fancy die cut circle larger than plain circles
1 x 5cmx20cm strip
1 x 2cmx19cm strip
2 x 2cmx19cm strips with die cut edges (I have used Dancing Hearts border die)

Step 1.
 Score both strips of cardstock 1cm parrallel to long edge.

Step 2.
Using scissors make cuts along the whole of the edge up to the score line to create little tabs as shown.

Step 3.
 Attach border strips to top and bottom of the wide strip as shown above.

Step 4.
 Take one of the die cut circles and glue widest strip around using tabs.

Step 5.
Use a second die cut circle to cover the tabs, creating the top of the "cake".

Step 6.
 Take the final die cut circle and using scissors, make the circle smaller by cutting along the embossed outline from the die as shown above.

Step 7.
 Glue the smaller strip of cardstock around this smaller circle as above, creating the base of the "cake".

Step 8.
Glue the base centrally to the fancy circle die cut.

Step 9.
 Glue the butterfly die cut to the top centre of the "cake", glueing the body only so that the wings can be folded up as shown.

Step 10.
Add pearl string to the butterfly body and around the top of the cake to cover any joins and to represent piped icing around the "cake".  I have sprayed my wedding favour box with glimmer mist.  I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I've inspired you to create some yourself!

Jane x


  1. hiya sweetie
    that is a awesome box sweetie
    thank you so much for the tutorial hunni, enjoy your sunday sweetie
    hugs angelique

  2. very very nice, so sweete!!! so beautyful!!! hugs ENRICA

  3. So beautiful!
    I loved it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a wonderful tutorial! LOVE it! Thanks!

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