Monday, August 13, 2012

Dried flowers

Hi sweet blog readers! It's me, Ingrid, to entertain you today :-) Actually I don't have a tutorial for you but just a nice idea, some inspiration.
When I brought my boys to school last June I saw some pretty, nice, little flowers on the roadside. They look so happy and I thought it would be nice to take some home and dry them between an old book, so I could keep that happy feeling :-) So that's how it went. Not something spectacular, I know... And the idea is drying flowers is very old ofcourse, but sometimes you forget those nice little ideas...
Here is a close up picture of the dried flower. I attached it with a piece of washi tape.
The only things you need is an old book and some flowers or leafs from your garden, or from the roadside!
 Carefully lay them between the pages of your book. Take another part of your book for every new flower, so it will have enough space. And leave several pages between the different flowers. The bookpages will take all the moisture from the flower.
Put the book down flat, with enough pressure on it and let the flowers dry at least a few days.
When closing the book, make sure the petals of your flower lie in the right direction. 
Just try different flowers and see how it works... 
Have fun with this little idea. Hope you can preserve some very nice flowers :-)
I posted some more pics of the card on my own blog. See you next time and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Those collection of flowers were adorable. do you like to suggest more about it?

  2. Thank You for inspiration! :):):)


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