Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coloring shadow/background with copics-by Ingrid

 Hello to you all! Happy to see you here :-) Today I (Ingrid) have a small tutorial for you. Last time I showed you how I color my image with copics, this time I want to show you how I color shadow/background around my image. I have two color schedules I regularly use when I want my image to get some more dimension.
I always put a scratch paper underneath my image, cause copics go through your papers and will show up on your table or whatever you are coloring on. This is the backside of my image.
First I'll show you the lightest version: a blue background. I use B41, 000, 0000. If you want to start with a darker color, you can add B52. 
 Start with B41 and draw around your image, not to careful or neat. But be sure not to draw on your already colored image too much, cause you may pull out the color outside the lines... That's not what you want! Underneath you can see my first color (when you look closely, maybe you can enlarge the image).
The 2nd color is B000. Draw over the B41 and a bit further, again: not to careful. Make different disordely movements (with your copic marker... LOL). 
 And the last color is B0000, to blend it all out with messy movements.
Another color schedule I like to use is W3, 2, 1, 0, 00. This will give your image a vintage look.
Do just the same as with the blue colors. Start with the darkest color and draw over it with a lighter color and go a bit further. And so on...

 You can also add a bit of "ground". My opinion is that the ground doensn't have to blend the same way as the shadow does. It may stay a bit streaky, so that it seams to have another texture than the shadow. And that's how I draw the ground, streaky and a bit spotty.
I start with W8.
Then W7, be sure to add not to much color, you can always go back if you want it darker.
 And the last one W3.
I hope you found this tutorial helpful. I'm sure I didn't tell anything new, but just showed you my way :-) Thanks for coming by and I hope to see you again here next time or on my own blog "Leukgemaakt".


  1. Looks great, and makes such a diff when the image is 'grounded' too doesn't it. Lovely colouring. Hugs lin

  2. great tutorial Ingrid. I have placed it on our Benelux facebookpage

  3. hoi ingrid
    een duidelijke uitleg en veel dank daarvoor!
    groetjes van corry

  4. Great Tutorial Ingrid, thank you so much.
    Hugs Astrid

  5. Brilliant tutorial, love your style. Thank you for doing those, love Carole Lockhart Stuart. :)XXX

  6. Ingrid you are very good:) Tanks for this beautiful tutorial :)

  7. Beautiful job on the tutorial, Thanks! I would love to see how you colored the world and how you colored Henry and his suitcase and map. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful Ingrid! I am always amazed by your wonderful coloration!

  9. Thanks for this great tutorial.




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