Saturday, March 7, 2015

Easter Rosettes Tudorial and some small Easter inspirations

It´s saturday and time to scrap your stash and see what you can do with all that stuff you have at home.
It´s my (Bianca´s) turn to show you some inspirations for it and I deside to make a lovely Easter Rosettes tudorial for you and show you some different ways how to use it. They are finished in no time and are looking absolutly fab!

You need:
* WoJ Stampinmage of your joice (mine is: Freshly Hatched)
* old bookpages 
* some leftover papers, ribbons and beads (you can find a fine selection here)
*scoring board
* I have also used Nested Tag Die-light and Speech Bubbles Die-lights
*designerpapers and cardstock

Now you can fisnish your rosettes in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Cut a pice of paper and score it in 1/4" ore 5mm steps
Step 2: Fold the paper like a wafe
Step 3: If it´s long enough (please make a test first!) build a ring
Step 4: Stick the image on it after the glue is try. This will fix everything.

That´s all you have to do!
Time for play with you Easter rosettes!
I have made a goody bag for easter sweets

a lovely tag for a birthday at easter time

and a flower stick for decorate my living room.

But of course there are 1000 more options for use this lovely rosettes!

Hope you like that little inspiration,
Happy Crafting with Whiff of Joy!

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