Thursday, June 19, 2014

Create a Photoframe with Designpaper Rolls, Tutorial Thursday

It´s Tutorial Thursday and my (Bianca) turn to show you a little tudorial today.
As it´s summer time I thought you maybe like to see a new idea for display one of your favourit photo from your summer holidays.

So this a a photoframe just made with rolls of desigpapers and a little pice of heavy wight cardstock.
(plus a photo of my son Pauli if he was 1y.o.)

This is what I have used:
* Designpapers not to heavy, 1 sheet for photo in normal photo size
*a pice of heavy with cardstock (from a cereal Box)
*scoring board  and bonefolder / ore ruler and pencile
* a pencile (round not with edges!)
* lot of lovely little embelishments for decoration
* the fab Summer stampkit 2/2014
* little boot embelishments, Box of Charms for Boys

Okay, let´s go:
Start with scoring your papers at 2", 4", 6", 8", and 10"
Use the scorringlines for cut your paperstripes just like on the photo. You need 12 pices. The leng depends from the size of your photo. So if you want to make a frame for a lager photo than normal photo size you maybe need a second sheet!

Now roll your papers over your round pencile. Add glue like you can see on the photo and wrap the paper around the pencile for secure the paper rolle the pencile up amnd down. Hold it for some seconds for beeing shure the glue will fix the paper.
This will first look a little messy but don´t worry, nobody will see it in the end!

If you have 12 rolles you can create the frame by aranging it around the photo. Stick the photo on the greyboard. You can cut away the overlaping if the glue is try.

Finish, now you can decorate!

Have fun and happy crafting!


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